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Juried Art Gallery List for 2017!

Please do not apply. Next year starts from February 2018

What a great response of interesting and unique works from amazing new Juried artists for 2017.

Raffaele DePamphilis

Adrienne Lunt

Carithanne Cushman

Vincent Hawley

Danny Moyer

Rose Mavis

Ed Manning

Glen Solosky

Carol Benner

Herman Ortega

Mary Louise Smith

Howard McGinn

Carol Perlowski

Sage Macklay

Louise Marina

Barbara Sargent

Julie Miller

Christin Donner

Diane Hendricks

Allison Quensen Blatt

Elizabeth Johnson

James Gloria

Mary Iacavone

Devyn Briggs

Emily Kitt

Jeff Waterhouse

Aryn coyle

Audra McGough

Peche Brown

Thank you to all that submitted.

Looking forward to posting the Juried Arts Artists after September 4th! Stay Tuned!