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BlkWhiteOur mission is to encourage and promote the arts of all disciplines, to foster an appreciation of the arts, and to enrich the quality of life of the Easton and regional area by providing arts education opportunities and community programming. Riverside Festival of the Arts (RFA) is a function of the Arts Community of Easton, Inc. (ACE) a 501(c)(3) exempt organization dependent upon benefactors from the community, public support and membership to ensure its ability to continue to provide an outstanding celebration of the arts.

RFA was started in 1997 by several Easton area artists to promote Easton and its scenic riverside area as a cultural/arts site to bring the community together, and to build bridges between the visual, literary and performing arts. The festival has historically attracted thousands of individuals from the region who come to view and purchase art, enjoy the live music, hear local authors and it builds every year.

Originally, the festival was held In Riverside Park and featured 15 regional artists, artisans, musicians, singers, dancers and writers. It has grown considerably since its inception and has expanded to both parks along the river to accommodate the increased number of juried art exhibitors and plein air art contestants. Now a function of ACE (Arts Community of Easton, Inc.), a 501(c)(3) exempt organization, RFA is solely dependent upon sponsorships and donations  from the community, public support and membership to ensure its ability to continue to provide an outstanding celebration of the arts. Our committee is all-volunteer.

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Want to be a part of it? VOLUNTEER for a short time that weekend, and help with artists’ unloading and setup Saturday  7-10 a.m., packing up on Sunday at 5, lunch-running for artists that are by themselves in a booth, etc. Working the information booth and keeping the flow with give-outs and maps. It’s fun to be involved! Contact us: EastonRiverside@gmail.com

We are pleased that the 2018 Honorary Chairperson is Jim Toia, Lafayette College Arts Professor !

Our 2018 Committee for the 22nd Annual event:

‘Lady’ Colleen Heller – Chair/Festival Director of RFA for ACE
Chris Vilardi, Cristin Donner, Amber Minotti, Irina Rajput, Jim English, Mary Iacovone, April Khalil, Ellen Shaughnessy and Bill Rich.


Have a listen* 20th RFA event on Arts Salon 2016 WDIY Arts Salon with Lady Colleen Heller, Chair & Ellen Shaughnessy, Marketing.

This was our 20th annual festival Committee:
‘Lady’ Colleen Heller Alrefai ~ Chair
Barbara Brock ~  James Supra
Danny Moyer  ~   Irina Rajput
James English 
Theresa Simiriotis
Ellen Shaughnessy
Chris Vilardi
Howard McGinn
Bill Rich

2014 WDIY Arts Salon interview  with Chair Carol Benner & Ellen Shaughnessy.


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