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Hair As Art!

Riverside Festival of the Arts first ‘Hair As Art’ event!

We are asking local salons to be nominated by their clients and to participate in a Sculptured hair event (not wedding updos!) Real creations using hair on a live models head. We will showcase their creations on Sunday for the public to choose which the best is! The public chooses so tell your clients to come and support you!

Note: Sunday 12 pm arrival to the Information Booth in Scott Park. If you are late, you are out.


Each salon may have two models. Accessories are not encouraged. Clothing of the models is not the focus. Face and hair are the focus.

Hair must be sculpted into form and be firm enough to walk in two parks and onto two stages during the festival time.

How many hands created the look doesn’t matter. It’s the finished product representing the salon that comes to the parks on Sunday.

They must be able to walk the parks gathering votes and media for their salon.

Each model must have the salons logo on them and will be numbered for easy voting.

All models will be presented on two stages before final judging by the people.

A $25 donation towards the event is required and you will receive close to business size card space in our booklet (2000 copies)

**No shop or salon will be invited without a committee member seeing them and going over the information to answer any questions. ** Further information in September once accepted!

Should be another creative ARTS event for Riverside Festival of the Arts!

Nominate your salon at or on the fb page under the ‘Hair As Art’ post