Riverside Festival of the Arts: CONTESTS


The RFA Plein Air Art Contest is a great way to get involved during the festival and create your own work of art! Use our online form  to apply using PayPal/Credit Card. Application is $40 per piece before Sept 1st and $50 per piece after Sept 1st.

It still available to join till Friday night. Be out in nature painting her beauty at the festival.


WE have our finalists for the contest. YUM. Such diversity in wings!

1001 Thai Restaurant on Northampton

Stoke  downtown in the Square

Mesa Restaurant on South 3rd Street

Tandoor Grill on north 3rd Street

Cask in Palmer

Pearly Baker Restaurant downtown on the Square

Maxims on Northampton Street

Sign up at the information booths in both parks by Sunday 1:30pm  and pay $5 for 8 wings,  Show up to eat at 2pm Scott Park Wing Wars!, take a score sheet, mark artistic score, then EAT and choose the best wing! Return the score card and winner will be announced at the 4pm Awards for RFA on the main Stage Scott Park.