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We are looking for volunteers for the 2019 Riverside Festival of the Arts 23rd Anniversary! The festival is a big endeavor, and every extra hand is welcome!  Volunteer Application Form 

Currently, we need volunteers for the following tasks:

Promotion: Getting the word out is key to great attendance at the festival. We will be creating posters and cards advertising the event, and we will need help distributing, especially outside of Easton.

Children’s Tent/Area: A very popular part of the festival, the children’s tent is packed with kids for the whole festival. We supply kids with the art supplies donated by Crayola, to allow them free self-expression, as well as directed projects. If you like working with kids, have an idea for an activity, or both, we can always use an extra hand. We will be asking you to help at the tent for a short shift of a few hours, so that we can serve more kids, and so that other monitors can get a short break to see the festival and get a bite to eat.

Info Tent: We have two info tents, and it would be great to have more people to help the public find what they need at the fest, as well as giving our committee members a break. This would be for a shift of 4 hours on either Saturday or Sunday.

Runners: During the festival, we have a lot of interaction with the artists and events happening. They need people to help communicate with the info tent, grab lunch, and other small tasks to make their day more enjoyable.

Setup/Breakdown: Saturday Morning from 7 – 10 is a little hectic. We do all we can to help the artists and vendors get ready, so the more strong hands and smiling faces, the better. Some artists need more assistance than others, but we don’t want any to feel neglected. A smooth beginning will ensure a great festival! Saturday eve will need a few hands and Sunday eve after 5.00 pm will need a few for breakdowns!

Passing out programs: Not everyone stops by the info tent, so we can use help in passing out programs, maps, directing people to venues  at the festival, and also Saturday at the Farmer’s Market in Center Square.

For your 4 hours of  time we are offering a Volunteers Raffle at the ‘After Party of RFA 2019’. To honor you and your time. Four hours a day needed to enter. Volunteer Party will be held at a local venue.

If you would like to help, please fill out the online Volunteer Application Form  or email us at and let us know your availability.