September 21st and 22nd, 2019 in Scott Park and Riverside Park, Easton PA            DONATE NOW VIA PAYPAL   

Plein Air Art Contest

 Sign up for the *2019 10th annual Plein Air Art contest now! *

 with our ES $1000.00 top prize!

Contest is Sept 21st & 22nd 2018 is from 8 am till 4 pm Saturday 21st & 10 am till 2pm Sunday 23rd 2019

**All art must stay overnight with RFA to qualify.**

Sign up online for the Plein Air Art Contest! Use the Artists Online Application form, and choose Plein Air before checking out.It’s $40.00 before September 1st  and $50.00 after September 1st. BYO supplies, multiple entries allowed.  You could win: $1000 1st | $300 2nd | $200 3rd place  

The RFA Plein Air Art Contest is a great way to get involved during the festival and create your own work of art! Use our online form to apply using PayPal/Credit Card. Application is $40 per piece before Sept 1st and $50 per piece after Sept 1st.

Contest Rules:
1. Your selected canvas/s must be with you when you sign into the Plein Air Art Contest Booth adjacent to the Juried Arts Gallery at Riverside Park. The size must not be larger than 18×24 and wired to hang.
Prizes: Cash prizes will be awarded. ES $1000 1st | $300 2nd | $200 3rd  
2. At the Plein Air Art Contest Booth adjacent to the Juried Arts Gallery in Riverside Park on Riverside Drive, Easton  have your canvas/s stamped for entry into the contest. You must provide all  materials, canvas, board, paint, brushes, etc. Find an inspired spot at the festival for your art en Plein Air (in the open air). A map of the area to paint in will be supplied. Art must be wired to hang by the artist or not admitted to the contest.
3. You must turn in your art and sign out by 4:00 pm Saturday if art is completed or not to remain in the contest. Feel free to drop your piece/s at the booth before 4:00 pm if you are done for the day.You may collect on Sunday 10:00 am to continue or start another piece if you choose. You may submit up to two pieces into the contest. Last drop off for judging 2:00 pm Sunday the 16th. $40/$50 per submission fee. ONLY CASH will be accepted on the weekend for any additional work.

4. Hours for the contest are Saturday  from 8am till 4pm and Sunday 10 am till 2 pm
Return your piece/s on Sunday for judging by 3 prominent art experts by 2 pm. No exception.

5. Artists agree to allow Riverside Festival of the Arts to use images of their art being created at any RFA event for marketing purposes only, unless otherwise notified in writing. Artists may be asked to show their work and participate in a plein air exhibition if they become available.


email for more info!





ACE / Riverside Festival of the Arts Plein Air Art Contest Exhibition: Feb- March 31, 2017:
Plein Air Art paintings from a few of the last annual contests are now featured for sale, and 30% of those proceeds go to the non-profit 2017 arts festival & the Pomfret Club at 33 s. 4th st. in Easton. Now – thru March 31. Stop by 11-4, Tues-Fri. 

This 2016 plein air art contest exhibition was also featured at the Easton Hospital Gallery @ the State Theatre this winter. Here’s a peek at some of the the 2016 plein air art.Who knows Diddley-Squat, about en plein air? Chauncey Howell, that’s who.

#EastonPleinAir past contests – many photos on

2016: What a wonderful 7th annual plein air art contest! $2000 in top prizes this year, to celebrate Riverside’s 20th event! $1000 to the 1st prize in 2016 went to * Michael Schade! * 2nd place went to Lauren Kindle , 3rd to Lehigh student Amelia Galgon with the honorable mention to Catherine Whitehead : CONGRATS ALL! and thanks everyone for coming out to paint. BEAUTIFUL WORKS.


Easton’s Michael Schade  took first place!
Lauren Kindle takes second place! This will be featured in our Plein AIr Art Exhibition
Lehigh Student Amelia Galgon took third place.
Catherine Whitehead takes an honorable mention.

Fundraiser: purchase a set of our gorgeous 9-notecard box-set, complete with beautiful lined envelopes for $20.00. They are 9 paintings from over the last 7 years of the contests and ALL PROCEED$ go directly to the next Riverside Festival plein air art contest! Pattern-lined envelopes; lovely. Ellen at  this email to order a set.

Artists let us know if you have more ideas to improve the contests going forward. In 2017 we may do a ‘capture a moment’ theme. The plein air art continues to get better and better with every year. Follow @EastonRiverside  #EastonPleinAir.

En plein air simply means “in the open air”. The challenge for these artists is the shifting light. Secure your spot and register now! BYO supplies  and pre-wire your canvases  for the final presentation of paintings, for judging.

We hope to organize another plein air art exhibition after the event with a local gallery or two, for opportunities to sell your work.

Thank you Sponsors… we are now accepting 2017 Sponsors! If you want to sponsor this contest /any specific element of the festival you may designate that.


9-notecard set, with beautiful lined envelopes: $20.00 * all proceeds go to the plein air art contest send an email if you want to buy a set!