Artists Information~ Apply


Important information for Artists: JURIED GALLERY AND EXHIBITORS CLOSED FOR 2018

  • Festival time and dates: September 15th and 16th, 10:00 am – 5:00 pm Rain or Shine event.

Artists Opportunities:

  • Exhibitor Booth: exhibit & sell your created artworks – 10’x10′ BYO tent with proper weights, 30lbs per tent leg, with sides for overnight closure (application link below). Application  CLOSED FULL
  • Juried Arts Gallery: enter a special art piece you created to be judged in our Juried Arts Gallery Tent. CLOSED FULL
    $2000 in prizes for top 3 in fine art/top 3 in fine craft.  Three professional judges will judge your work 4:00 pm on Sunday the 16th and announce the winners. Non-exhibitors may apply for the Juried Awards Gallery.

Plein Air Art Contest: open to all. $1000 top prize to the winner – application on Plein Air art contest page. $40/50 entrance fee, BYO canvas, supplies.  Art must stay on site for the entire weekend to qualify. Three professional judges will judge your work 4:00 pm on Sunday the 16th and announce the winners. CLOSED TILL 2019

Please note: The online application works best with the latest version of Chrome or Firefox. We have seen issues when using Safari. Please make sure your art is not oversized to be accepted online. 500kb up to 1 mega is ok.

Convenient Online
Application HERE!
N/A Please fill and send the online form to address on this page

If paying by check/application ~ Please make the check payable to ACE and a memo to RFA  and send to:

Riverside Festival of the Arts
PO Box 465
Easton, PA 18044

Artist Exhibitors:

  • Riverside Festival of the Arts is juried, as it has been for years. Your art, craft and your booth are juried for placement in RFA. Notification will be as quickly as possible.
  • You will need a 10×10 tent with weights of 30 lbs per pole to ground and secure your tent. There is NO staking into the ground as we have underground wiring to be careful of at both Scott and Riverside Parks. Please be prepared in case of wind (water buckets/cinder blocks/anchors).
  • You will need to be on sight and in place by 9 am. Opening for you to set up begins at 3 pm till 5 pm Friday the 14th  or 6.30 am Saturday the 15th. Use your time wisely. No cars will be permitted into the area after 9.00 am. Please do not drive unto the park! It crushes the city’s ground-lighting.
  • Larry Holmes Drive is closed this year to allow more freedom of movement for all the events happening this year. Unload car curbside, then MOVE your car as directed.
  • Artists must only have their work or copies of their work in their tent. No sharing allowed. No tent sharing available.
  • Please keep all items not for view under tables with appropriate coverings to hide your packing and personal items. To the ground table covers work well.

Committee will be going to each booth to check product as per application.

All those wishing to be judged by our 3 professional judges may enter the contest by choosing their best work, sending their $37.00 entry check and photos to the address above asap for consideration. Please read Juried Arts Gallery information below.

Deadlines for Artist Exhibit Tents:

  • August 25th – End of regular Registration for all participants. A late fee is required for applicants after August 25th. This is to assure your name and location is in the program.
  • September 1st  – No applications will be accepted after this time unless there is last minute space with an additional late fee. You will not be listed in the program.

Juried Art Gallery: Awards Tent

  • You may submit digitally or email your best piece of original art before September 1st. You should book your spot asap and submit your art by the deadline.
  • All accepted submissions chosen must be on site by 8.00 am Saturday the 15th to the Juried  Art Gallery Tent. If you are late you may be refused entry with no refund. Please take your art away for the overnight or make special arrangements via email. We will have security patrolling the area overnight but not patrolling the contents of the tent. All taken art must be returned by 9 am in its exact location as previous.
  • All art is for sale unless NFS on the art.
  • There is an entrance fee of $37.00 per piece for exhibitors or non-exhibitors, 2 pieces maximum per artist based on space.
  • Art no larger than 36 wide. Must be wired to hang with name, medium, phone, price (and booth number for exhibitors) attached to the back of the art. Please make sure you have an additional price ticket to be seen by people passing through the Gallery.
  • Artist needing a stand or pedestal must bring a secure one to the event. Maximum sculpture size not including the pedestal is 36in.
  • WORKS MUST BE ORIGINAL ART CREATED BY THE APPLICANT within the last two years. Prints, reproductions, etc. from any work displayed is acceptable for sale in your booth, but will not be judged.
  • Only handcrafted works may be available for the contest and sold from this Juried Arts Gallery Tent.

Prizes will be awarded as follows: Fine Art: 1st place – $600  2nd place – $300   3rd place  $100 Fine Craft: 1st place – $600  2nd place – $300   3rd place  $100.

Three accomplished professional jurors will evaluate the exhibited work on criteria including creativity, technique, and presentation. You must collect your art from the tent Saturday and return it on Sunday for final judging. Winners will be announced on Sunday the 18th at 4:00 pm. All art uncollected on Sunday will become the property of RFA.

Festival Setup and Security Information will be sent in your confirmation email. Acceptance line up will be online or on our FB page which you should like and share. RFA will not be held responsible for anything brought to the event or an exhibition or at the Juried Art Gallery Tent. Any art left overnight is your personal responsibility. This is a rain or shine event. Security is for the site, not its contents. Any art left after the show ends September 16th at 5.30 pm becomes the property of RFA unless previously sorted.

Artist must be 18 and over to exhibit.

Any questions please contact the Chair of R.F.A. ‘Lady’ Colleen Heller at 631-455-2195