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20th Anniversary brings education to  RFA                                                                                     ‘Educational Workshops’ at Riverside Park

Adding 2 tents allows us to offer quite a few free workshops over the 2 day festival in painting/mixed media, writing/literature/poetry,  and creating with mosaics, carving or similar types of hands on instruction. All for free!  We can offer those attending the workshops  inspired moments of possibilities that they may be able to take away with them in whatever form they choose to create from.

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Ian Summer

We will continue to offer younger children the very successful  Interactive Tent Area set up from previous years;  filled with projects, be it chalk art, paint, colored pencil designs or hooping!

This year we hope to inspire the emerging teen or early teens to experience the arts hands on. Create hope and joy to the surrounding area where the arts have been lessened or in some cases removed completely. Without art we are losing the necessary creative side of life with all her possibilities. Addressing this is our main goal with the Educational Tents.

Ian Summers hosts the ‘Faces of Riverside Festival of the Arts’ now Art Draw off 2017!

Cathy Stoops host from the School of Natural  Learning. See Children page

James Gloria will present and host ‘Historical Mural’ painting with brooms and acrylics for all to participate. Learn from the best!

Special Needs for all will be our community healing arts focus in 2017!


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Our Educators for 2016 are:

Ian Summers, Artist extraordinaire ~ Saturday 16th from 11 am till 5 pm

James Gloria, Totts Gap Arts Institute ~ Sunday 17th from 11 am till  p5m

Cathy Stoops, School of Natural Learning ~ Sunday 18th from 1 pm till 3 pm


Performance Art : 2017 TBA in August!