Plein Air Art Contest + Workshops

Four Seasons Plein Air Workshop: This Spring!

We are kicking off a ‘Four Seasons’ #EastonPleinAir workshop. Meet at Hugh Moore Park for the weekend plein air workshop. Each season will be taught by a plein air artist expert, at this same site. Earth Day weekend is our first one, taught by artist William DeRaymond: April 22+23, 2017.

Send check with your name/phone/email to ACE, with memo ‘Four Seasons Plein Air Workshop’ on it: P.O. Box 465, Easton PA 18044 to sign up. A payPal /credit card payment link is here, or if you want to pay by check use the Workshop Signup Form. Artists should have at least a basic familiarity with painting and should also have some drawing experience. Bring your own materials – here’s a recommended list for the Spring Workshop from William DeRaymond. Hours are 10-4 on Sat + Sun.
You will be getting a nice Four Seasons plein air workshop booklet with tips and tricks. If we do not have at least 7 students by April 12, this workshop might be cancelled/refunded. More info on the next 3 seasons will be posted here soon. Questions? welcome.

Don’t miss our Plein Air Art Contest Exhibition: Now – March 31, 2017:
Plein Air Art paintings from a few of the last annual contests are now featured for sale, and 30% of those proceeds go to the non-profit 2017 arts festival & the Pomfret Club at 33 s. 4th st. in Easton. Now – thru March 31. Stop by 11-4, Tues-Fri. 

This 2016 plein air art contest exhibition was also featured at the Easton Hospital Gallery @ the State Theatre this winter. Here’s a peek at some of the the 2016 plein air art.Who knows Diddley-Squat, about en plein air? Chauncey Howell, that’s who.

#EastonPleinAir Art Contest 2017 is Sept 16+17.
News! Plein Air Art Contest winner will step down in 2017

First place plein air art contest ‘ringer’ Michael Schade is stepping down and will not compete in 2017 – which leaves that #1 $1000 plein air art contest prize spot wide open for this year’s best artist!

Based on artists’ feedback: for the 2017 art contest, we might do a 2-8pm Saturday shift, and 6am-2:00 Sunday shift for a morning and eve plein air art contest this time. Input welcome – also considering good ideas for a theme this year, AND – maybe an #EastonPleinAir scavenger hunt! Festival attendees can be set up on a scavenger app (any favorite ones? Klickaklu?, and we’ll have a contest to find all the plein air artists, with clues. Sound fun?

2016 Plein Air Artist Lauren Kindle sets up on College Ave, overlooking downtown East

2016: What a wonderful 7th annual plein air art contest! $2000 in top prizes this year, to celebrate Riverside’s 20th event! $1000 to the 1st prize in 2016 went to …this is almost getting boring now: * Michael Schade! * With an entire new shift of judges he just keeps on winning. 2nd place went to Lauren Kindle ($500), 3rd to Lehigh student Amelia Galgon ($300), and honorable mention to Catherine Whitehead ($200): CONGRATS ALL! and thanks everyone for coming out to paint. BEAUTIFUL WORKS.

It’s $30.00 to enter our annual plein air art contest, BYO supplies, and you could win: $1000 1st | $500 2nd | $300 3rd place | $200 honorable. Contact Ellen, for any more info.

CONGRATULATIONS to our 2016 7th plein air art contest top winners:

Easton’s Michael Schade once again took first place, even with new judges!

Lauren Kindle takes second place! Congrats: $500 award. This will be featured in our Plein AIr Art Exhibition

Lehigh Student Amelia Galgon took third place and won $300 for this beauty.

Catherine Whitehead takes an honorable mention for this piece, $200


9-notecard set, with beautiful lined envelopes: $20.00 * all proceeds go to the plein air art contest send an email if you want to buy a set!

Fundraiser: purchase a set of our gorgeous 9-notecard box-set, complete with beautiful lined envelopes for $20.00. They are 9 paintings from over the last 7 years of the contests and ALL PROCEED$ go directly to the next Riverside Festival plein air art contest! Pattern-lined envelopes; lovely. Call Ellen 610.360.3394 or just send an email to order a set.

Artists let us know if you have more ideas to improve the contests going forward. In 2017 we may do a ‘capture a moment’ theme. The plein air art continues to get better and better with every year. Follow @EastonRiverside  #EastonPleinAir.

En plein air simply means “in the open air”. The challenge for these artists is the shifting light. Secure your spot and register, or just walk-in at the event. BYO supplies – we will have some ’emergency canvases’ handy, but no guarantees.  We will have hanging eyes/wires/tools available on site, or pre-wire your own for the final presentation of paintings, for judging.

We hope to organize another plein air art exhibition with a local gallery or two, with opportunities to sell your work.

Thank you Shaughnessy Law Offices for once again being a major sponsor of the Plein Air Art Contest in 2016! Your $1000 went directly to the top plein air art cash prize. Thanks also to EmelleMD Restorative Medicine & Free Bridge Realty for sponsoring in 2016!

CONGRATULATIONS to our 2015 6th annual top 3 winners:


1st Place, Michael Schade of Easton PA


2nd place Dorothy Hoeschen



McNally 3rd place


A beautiful day at Riverside Festival of the Arts with Plein Air artists work on display!

Thank you Sponsors… we are now accepting 2017 Sponsors! If you want to sponsor this contest /any specific element of the festival you may designate that.