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Please apply for the Juried Arts Gallery  or Plein Air separate from your Exhibitor Vendor application. If doing more than one you must apply for each separately. Thank you

**Juried Art Gallery ~ One submission is CLOSED FOR 2017

Three photos of same submission from different angles. Thank you**

Please upload 3 images of your work and one image showing your display setup. Click "Choose File" button to choose the first file from your computer. Click the same "Choose File" button again to add more files to the list. Files will be uploaded when you submit the form.

NOTE: Files must be less than 1MB in size. Please resize your images before uploading to ensure success.



Exhibitors for 2017 are closed. Do not apply for exhibitor. Juried Arts Gallery IS CLOSED. Do not apply for Juried Arts Gallery.  Plein Air Contest is  still available on  PayPal or credit till 9/9 2017. Thank you.

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Special Event Exhibitor Statement of Indemnity
By registering, I agree to comply with all City of Easton ordinances that apply to my participation as an exhibitor/vendor in the Riverside Festival of the Arts, including, but not limited to codes established by the City of Easton Health Bureau and Code Office. Furthermore, I shall indemnify and hold harmless the City of Easton and the Arts Community of Easton, Inc. from claims or liability for injury or death of any person, or damages to real or personal property, and I shall pay all associated judgments, interest costs, legal and other expenses.